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Location: First Floor, Room 20/22
Opened: 8/21/14
    The room a mix between a gym and a training facility, something resembling the rooms that had been used back at SHIELD for the more extreme styles of training. There's no weight machines or treadmills here, but there are two large sparring rings off to one side, an aerialist set-up and high bars, a large climbing wall, and a row of waiting punching bags and training dummies.

    A simple running track rings the outside of the room and the entire area is lit by large windows on the far side of the room overlooking the lawn. The opposite side of the room holds a large obstacle course for training purposes. Behind it, the wall held a series of doors that led off to smaller rooms for private sessions, weapons training and a holographic simulator - the one room that was still in progress as Tony tinkered with it. The entire floor is one large mat, letting any space be potentially useful for whatever needs the users had.

    Coming Soon

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Do our characters get up to interactions on a regular basis? Do they meet up for early morning runs or sparring sessions or maybe the occasional chat over coffee?

Since there's not enough hours in the day to cover all this, drop a comment here with what you'd like to be considered a reoccurring thing that doesn't always need to be threaded out, but would be happening off-screen all the same.
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❤ = romance | ♢ = canon | ✪ = feels protective of
✦ = trusts | ✧ = distrusts | ✔ = likes | ✘ = dislikes
? = uneasy/curious | ❢ = respects | ☄ = apathetic | ☢ = danger

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IC Contact

Apr. 21st, 2014 10:32 am
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"You've reached Natasha. You know what to do."
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[The aftermath of Billy's magic has left a lot of people shaken and Natasha is no exception. For the first day she's stunned and numb and no amount of distraction does anything to ease what feels like a gaping wound she can't staunch.

The discovery she makes midway through the day leaves her even more devastated and it's not until the next morning that she can bring herself to open her journal and write down the words that make it real. Part of her hopes that maybe this is just another incident like Pepper and Tony. That maybe he'll come back in a week or two with news from home and hopefully no more reports of alien invasions or world catastrophes. But there's no reassurances, not in Luceti, and she has to deal with the reality of now.]

For those of you that knew him, Clint Barton's gone home.

[Her message is short and blunt, because she can't bring herself to do more than that. And Clint wasn't the sentimental sort, so there's not a lot he left behind, but what she did find will be taken care of and delivered accordingly.

...Once she can stop sitting here and staring at those words.]
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[Natasha blinks awake early Monday morning with the knowledge that she's been... away for quite some time. Or rather, not away, but not... entirely here either. She lifts a hand, almost surprised to see it at its normal shape once more and there's a moment of surreal disconnect while her mind tries to probe through the memories of the past two weeks. When she'd been changed, younger. They were hazy and muddled, almost like a dream she was trying to hard to hold on to. There were some things she knew but many of the details of the past days were already fading into a hazy memory, harder to grasp the more she tried.

Instead, she got up and reached for her journal, untouched for far too long, and flipped it open to pen a quick note.]

I'm not sure if I should start handing out thank-yous or apologies to people for the last several days, but either way things seem to be back to normal this morning. Hope I haven't missed too much excitement in my absence? I'll be back at the cafe today if anyone needs me.
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[In the aftermath of the event, Natasha had done her best to touch base with most of her teammates and workers and the people she'd thought of as family for that brief period of time. She hadn't gotten to everyone, however. Not before the early hours before dawn on Wednesday morning came around and she was woken abruptly to the awareness that she wasn't alone in her apartment.

There's a single crash that Clint may or may not have heard from downstairs and the obvious signs of a struggle, but when the sun comes up Wednesday morning, Natasha is missing, although all her things are still safe in her apartment and mostly right where she left them.

A week passes with no word. Eugene is in charge of the cafe, as she'd unofficially nominated him her second in command when they'd opened the place, seeing as he had the most experience.

But anyone wandering into the coffee shop early in the morning of the 21st is likely to find a young girl looking to be around the age of 8 curled up on one of the sofas, sound asleep.

Natalia - because that is the name she'll give and answer to - won't recognize most of the people she typically counts as friends. (Because let's face it, she's 8, and most of you don't even exist yet) With all the strangers and strangeness around, the simplest conclusion to come to is that this is some confusing test set up by her instructors, despite any explanations to the contrary. Until she figures out the purpose of it and how she can complete the assignment she's been given, she'll play along, watching and adapting as she thinks she should be. Even if she is unexpectedly trapped here among all these Americans strange adults.

Since it is familiar to her from waking up there, she'll often be found lurking around the cafe, when she's not being lured off elsewhere by a well-meaning teammate or friend (the first person who mentions babysitting within her hearing is probably going to regret it). When she can - and once she learns of it - she'll steal back to the apartment that is meant to be hers, because she is perfectly capable of looking after herself, despite only being eight. Of course, how long she gets away with that will be left up to whether or not someone can out-stubborn her or coerce her to do otherwise. Good luck with that.

But given that she is in a new place among strangers, don't be surprised to have her poking her nose in everywhere she can get to around town. The shops and buildings, the plaza, the woods. She'll want to see it all. At times, she may try to be subtle about it, but there's only so much sneaking you can get away with in a village this size without standing out a little...]

((OOC Note: Natasha will be tiny-ish till around the end of August. Additional history and where she comes from is detailed here. I don't mind handwaving timeline consistency if more than one person wants to wake her up at the cafe, but I also don't want to have every thread be that, so feel free to go with whatever option is most realistic for their interaction. Any questions or confusion? Feel free to hit me up on plurk or PM me.))
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[The video feed flicks this morning on with Natasha leaning on the counter in the cafe, calm and composed. She doesn't often use this thing for village-broad posts, but she figured this was as good a time as any.]

Good morning, Luceti.

I'm sure some of you have noticed by now that there's been some work going on into opening up a coffee shop here in the plaza. If all goes smoothly, we hope to have it opening a week from today, on the 1st of July. Anyone's welcome to drop by, we hope to keep some fairly regular hours open for people and have been stocking up on a variety of supplies to hopefully meet most of the requests we get.

Although in order to keep up with that, I thought I'd better put out an inquiry for people who might be looking for something to do or have some hours to volunteer to help keep the place staffed and open through the week. If you think you might be interested, feel free to contact me here or stop by the cafe anytime this week. It's located right beside the clothing store and just behind the flower shop, off of the plaza. Thank you for your cooperation.

[The video flicks off again, but Natasha can be found for most of the day - and for the rest of the week, for that matter - keeping up odd hours at the coffee shop making sure everything is ready to go for opening day.]
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[Action - Locked to Tony] )

[Written; later in the morning]
Pepper Potts went home this morning. She left notes for a few people here. I'll see they reach you.

((OOC Note: Consider this a joint post if your character wants to react to the news. Tony will be ignoring the journals for the time being but is still available for action tags; Natasha will probably end up fielding the journal replies if needed.))
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