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A Shot In The Dark Coffee Shop

A Shot In The Dark
Luceti's Coffee House

Owner: Natasha Romanoff
Staff: Eugene Woods, James Barnes, Clint Barton
Steve Rogers, Kurt Wagner, Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman

~ ~ ~

The Coffee Bar
This stretches along the left side of the shop and is equipped with several coffee makers, an esperesso machine, bean grinders, blender, ice maker, a small sink - the basic things you'd expect to find useful that Natasha's managed to scrounge up from the Items Shop or trade in for with Missions points. There's a mini fridge under the counter to hold the cold items needed for drinks. There's also a pastry display with a small selection of treats either made in the back kitchen or brought over from the Bakery for the day. The walls above the back counter hold a staggered array of shelves that house a display of mugs that come in every size shape and color, arranged around a board with the day's flavors and specials.

The Cafe
The front portion of the coffee shop is set up in a comfortable arrangement. Large windows at the front of the store let in just enough light to make the place cozy. The wall to the right of the coffee bar is set up with several booths and tables while the open area in front holds a scattered selection of eclectic couches and large overstuffed chairs for comfort. Nothing matches perfectly, but there is a subtle theme that still manages to somehow tie the mismatched arrangement together. A small bathroom is in the back of the cafe.

The Front Walk
There are four tables set up outside the cafe during the warmer months, two to either side of the door, with chairs and comfortable seating for anyone who wants to enjoy their coffee outside.

The Back Room
There's not as much detail or decoration back here, the space is made for function rather than looks. It boasts a simple kitchen with the expected large appliances needed to handle the daily tasks of the cafe. The rest of the room is taken up by three large shelves that hold the stocks and supplies needed, anything that will keep without spoiling is stocked up and stored back here.

~ ~ ~

The Menu
The cafe has a pretty standard fare when it comes to drink options. You'll have your expected choices of coffee - regular brews and flavored brews - espresso, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, hot chocolate. You can have these hot or iced.

There are flavor bottles available for mixing up special drinks (vanilla, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, amaretto, hazelnut, caramel, irish cream, raspberry) as well as a small spice rack with things like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Since they have the ingredients for it, there are also Italian Sodas, made with the flavors they have available.

Specialty Drinks
(coming soon)

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